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We can help you in getting your web presence established. Whether you have a web site or not, have web knowledge or not, we can help. We offer a diverse range of services to help make the most of the Internet for you. From standard HTML coding and Graphic Design to Programming and Database Design we can assist you with your online needs.

Web Development

We will work with you to design an attractive customized Web Site that works best for your business. Our sites are designed using the latest software and techniques, and are enhanced to work with all the capabilities of the most popular web browsers, such as FireFox and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The creation of a unique Internet presence for your company is our goal, one that will impress your current customers and attract new ones. Your Web Site will be professional in appearance, and easy for customers to access. Our expertise in HTML, JavaScript, and DHTML will help your web site stand out from those sites lacking dynamic features.

Graphic Design

Working together, we will develop your Web Site theme and concept. We can use your current advertising material or design new promotional ideas. We have thousands of stock photos and clip art to choose from, or we will design custom artwork for you.

We will convert your artwork or photographs into digital images that can be added to your Web Site. We will crop, size, or enhance images if needed.


Your site can be enhanced with programming in a variety of languages. From web standards such as CGI, Perl and ASP, to emerging ones such as PHP, we can help create new web scripts or modify public domain ones to fit your needs. As an example, this entire site is run primarily from one dynamic PHP script of just 15 lines of code. We are experienced in both UNIX and Windows web server environments.

SQL / Database

The web is no longer a static environment filled with brochure like pages. Web sites must now be dynamic and vibrant to attract new and returning visitors. Our experience with SQL and relational databases can help make your site come alive, while making it easy to maintain. We have designed web applications using Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL. From schema design to deployment, we can develop small and large programs that can help your web site grow.

Audio / Video

Need audio or video on your site? Our experience in current web technologies enables us to create animated images and streaming media to intrigue your visitors. From Real Audio / Video to Flash we can help present your message effectively.

Microsoft Windows

Still the most popular Operating System on the planet, Windows is familiar to almost everyone. Our knowledge of popular hardware and software will help us meet your deadlines accurately. We can assist in supporting IIS and other Microsoft web products.

UNIX / Linux

Unix is still the primary workhorse for the large majority of web sites. From the busiest to personal homepage, most are still hosted on UNIX flavored servers. Our experience covers Linux (Red Hat, Debian), FreeBSD and Solaris. Our familiarity with command line features in addition to X-Windows make it possible for us to help you get the most out of your sites design while not compromising security.


Perhaps you just need some answers to a few questions. We can also offer Consulting Services for short and long term projects. We are as close as a email or phone call, don't hesitate to inquire about any needs that you may have.

Our Expertise

This is a quick overview of services we can provide. For an in-depth analysis of your needs please contact us.